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Use our Valorant sensitivity converter to easily convert to or from other popular games. The calculator also shows your eDPI, cm/360, and in/360.

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Best Sensitivity for Valorant

Find the best Valorant sensitivity for your mouse DPI below:

  • If your mouse DPI is 400, use an in-game Valorant sensitivity between 0.408 and 1.633.
  • If your mouse DPI is 800, use an in-game Valorant sensitivity between 0.204 and 0.816.
  • If your mouse DPI is 1200, use an in-game Valorant sensitivity between 0.136 and 0.544.
  • If your mouse DPI is 1600, use an in-game Valorant sensitivity between 0.102 and 0.408.
  • If your mouse DPI is 3200, use an in-game Valorant sensitivity between 0.051 and 0.204.

These recommendations equate to a cm/360 range between 20 and 80, which the vast majority of professional FPS players' sensitivity settings fall into. In other words, most pro FPS players have to physically move their mouse between 20 and 80 centimeters to rotate 360 degrees in-game.

For a recommended in-game Valorant sensitivity for your specific mouse DPI, enter your mouse DPI below:

Recommended Valorant In-Game Sensitivity

Enter your Mouse DPI above to get a recommended in-game Valorant sensitivity.

How to Use Our Valorant Sens Converter

To convert your Valorant sensitivity to another game, enter your Valorant sens in the "From Game Sensitivity" input and select the game you want to convert to in the "Convert To" dropdown.

To convert your sensitivity from another game to Valorant, select the other game in the "Convert From" dropdown and enter the sens you use in that game in the "From Game Sensitivity" field.

The calculator will automatically calculate your "Converted Sensitivity."

If you plan to use a different mouse DPI for each game or want to calculate additional outputs ("Inches/360", "cm/360", and "eDPI"), enter your "From Mouse DPI" and "To Mouse DPI."

Otherwise, if you plan to use the same mouse DPI for both games and you only want to find your converted sens, there's no need to enter your mouse's DPI. When using the same DPI for both games, the actual DPI of your mouse does not matter as long you use the same positive value for both "From Mouse DPI" and "To Mouse DPI." The converter uses a default of 800 DPI for both games.

If you've entered your mouse DPIs for each game, the converter will output accurate calculations for your "Inches/360", "cm/360", and "eDPI."

"Inches/360" and "cm/360" (centimeters/360) are the distances you need to move your mouse in both games to rotate your crosshair 360 degrees.

"eDPI" is your in-game sensitivity multiplied by your mouse DPI for the game you're converting to. It's useful for comparing "effective sensitivities" when using different mouse DPIs.

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