Cyberpunk eDPI Calculator

Enter your in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI into our Cyberpunk eDPI calculator to find your effective dots per inch (eDPI).

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How to Use Our Cyberpunk eDPI Calculator

To use this eDPI calculator, enter your Cyberpunk in-game sensitivity and your mouse's DPI. Your eDPI will automatically be calculated after you enter valid inputs.

About This Cyberpunk eDPI Calculator

Our Cyberpunk eDPI calculator lets you find your effective dots per inch (eDPI). eDPI is calculated by multiplying your mouse DPI by your in-game sensitivity.

eDPI is often referred to as "true sensitivity" or "effective sensitivity". It takes into account both factors that affect sensitivity (mouse DPI and in-game sens) and lets you compare your sensitivity with other Cyberpunk players who may use a different mouse DPI.

While eDPI is a good way to compare the "effective sensitivities" of players of the same game, it can't be used to compare different games because the two games likely use different game engines and/or configurations.

To convert Cyberpunk sensitivity between different DPIs or to convert sensitivity in another game to/from Cyberpunk, use our Cyberpunk sensitivity converter.